Sparkly Spa

On the itinerary I received, it said that a stay at Sparkling Hill Resort is more than just a rest, it's a complete renewal. Sadly as I was only there for one night, I didn't get time to be fully renewed!

sparkly-spa001Sparkling Hill Resort is 9 miles from Vernon, British Columbia and a scenic 25 minute drive north of Kelowna Airport. It is 274 miles from Vancouver and 354 miles from Calgary. Owned by a member of the Swarovski family, it is the only hotel in North America to incorporate Swarovski Crystal elements into every aspect of its design.

sparkly-spa003The crystals are everywhere, in the mirrors, the door handles, hanging from the ceiling and my personal favourite, the crystal fireplace in every room. Over 3.5 million of them! The sales manager who took us on a tour said she had caught people trying to untie them from the chandeliers!

The rooms are delightful and have either lake or mountain views from your own soaker bath tub. Included in the cost is access to the KurSpa amentities and full breakfast. The spa facilities include 7 unique aromatherapy saunas and steam rooms, an indoor pool complete with underwater music and starry Swarovski crystal sky, an outdoor infinity pool, fitness studio and relaxation rooms.

The spa is huge; 40,000 square feet with 48 treatment rooms and offering over 100 treatments. You put on the robe and slippers which you find in your room and head down in the special lift to meet your therapist. I had a full body Sparkle massage which lasted for an hour. It was very relaxing, the oils she used smelt gorgeous and my skin felt amazing.

sparkly-spa002We had a fabulous dinner in the PeakFine Dining Room. The focus is on local seasonal food and they do offer special meal plans to aid with your renewal process. Feeling refreshed inside and out I retired early to make use of my soaker tub.

The next morning we were up early for breakfast and then feeling slightly nervous we met up for what turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip, the cold sauna. We all looked very attractive in our swimming costumes, socks and trainers. We were issued with head bands to protect our ears, face masks and gloves to complete the look.

The cold sauna provides a treatment called cryotherapy which involves spending three minutes in a room set at -110c. It is a dry cold and regular treatments are said to benefit those suffering from stress, insomnia, rheumatism, psoriasis, muscle and joint pain. There are 3 chambers; the first is -15c and the second -65c and the final room is -110C. You walk through the first two quite quickly and when you go into the final room it literally takes your breath away.

The room is tiny and although there is a window you can't see out. You have to stay away from the sides otherwise your skin will stick to the walls. It made me feel very claustrophobic and it was only down to the therapist talking to me and keeping the three of us moving that I managed to stay in for the whole 3 minutes!

It felt very strange when we came out, my skin was prickling. It is supposed to give you a rush of energy but actually made most of us quite sleepy and I didn't feel that I completely warmed up all day. Would I do it again? Probably and I would definitely go back to Sparkling Hill but only if I could stay long enough to feel completely renewed!

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